Railway Sets and Train Accessories

Railway Sets and Train Accessories
Buy our high quality Hape wooden railways, trains and accessories. Hape is compatible with other major brand children's railway sets so you can add to your existing tracks with this great value product. Browse Hape now.

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  1. Large Train Set with Accessories 90pcs
    Large Train Set with Accessories 90pcs
    Product Code: 22255
    Price $175.89 $159.90

    This quality 90 piece train set consists of not only a modern passenger train, but also a beautiful cargo train. It also includes many farm house blocks including farm animals, a farmer, many trees and bushes as well as many city blocks, like a fire station, a police station, a school, a grocery store, a fire fighter, a police man, a fire truck, a police car, a school bus, and some traffic signs. The rails are made of high quality beech wood. They can be built to many different rail designs by using your imagination. Compatible with all major brand train sets.

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  2. Traffic Signs 20pcs
    Traffic Signs 20pcs
    Product Code: 22234
    Save 27%
    Regular Price $32.89 Special Price $24.09 $21.90
    These mini wooden traffic signs are designed in Australia to promote road safety awareness. There are 20 different screen-printed signs measuring 10 cm in height. Learn More
  3. Timber Fences Pack 24pcs
    Timber Fences Pack 24pcs
    Product Code: 22014
    Price $21.95 $19.95
    There are 12 large and 12 small wooden fence panels. Learn More
  4. Emergency and Service Vehicles with Traffic Signs 16pcs
    Emergency and Service Vehicles with Traffic Signs 16pcs
    Product Code: 22243
    Price $32.89 $29.90
    These vehicles are designed to run on most tracks. Includes 10 wooden traffic signs and 6 wooden vehicles and comes with wooden storage box. Learn More
  5. Train Tracks Pack 6pcs
    Train Tracks Pack 6pcs
    Product Code: 96005
    Save 50%
    Regular Price $54.89 Special Price $27.39 $24.90
    This set of high-quality track accessories includes: turntable, switching track, cross-track with 2 buffer ends and crossing track with 2 boom gates. Compatible with all major brands. Train NOT included. Learn More
  6. Figure 8 Train Set 37pcs
    Figure 8 Train Set 37pcs
    Product Code: 22271
    Price $74.25 $67.50
    This train set includes tracks, 4 piece train, buildings, animals, trees and signs. Learn More
  7. Large Train Set with Table 80pcs
    Large Train Set with Table 80pcs
    Product Code: 22272
    Price $175.89 $159.90
    This large train set includes 2 bridges, 6 splitter tracks, boom gates, one 4pce train, cars, buildings, signs, people and trees. This set comes complete with playtable which measures 122cm L x 64cm W x 40cm H. Learn More

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