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  1. Rocking Ottoman Blue
    Rocking Ottoman Blue
    Product Code: 16725
    Price $318.89 $289.90

    Our Rocking Ottoman is great for flexible classrooms and allows students to move while learning. Use the rocker in 4 ways; place the ottoman on the rounded side to allow rocking for active based learning or just lay it down for the perfect reading nook. Or sit on an end or flat side down. Unlike many other similar items the Rocking Ottoman is made with a solid timber frame so it will always hold its shape no matter what position you have it in. Wrapped in a durable coloured polyester cover that is removable and washable. This Rocker is built to last! Measures 45cmH x 41cm Diameter.

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  2. Softplay Rocking Horse
    Softplay Rocking Horse
    Product Code: 10036
    Price $325.49 $295.90
    The rocking horse provides loads of fun for children as they imagine riding a pony when they rock back and forth or bounce up and down. Made from firm foam, the rocking horse is safe and steady and can also be used as a chair. Measures 105cmL x 70cmH x 25cmW and weighs 5kg. Learn More
  3. Ladybugs Softplay Balance Set
    Ladybugs Softplay Balance Set
    Product Code: 10037
    Price $483.89 $439.90
    Balancing is even more fun with the ladybugs set. Roll the bugs on their back to practice balance and weight transfer or tip the bug back on its feet to step from one to the next. Each piece is covered in a highly durable UV stabilised vinyl. Use indoor or outdoors. The large piece measures 120cmL x 50cmW x 14cmH and the small pieces measure 50cmL x 30cmW x 14cmH. Learn More
  4. Caterpillar Train Softplay Set 8pcs
    Caterpillar Train Softplay Set 8pcs
    Product Code: 10038
    Price $439.89 $399.90
    Sit or play on this bright vinyl covered foam caterpillar train! Each spot can serve as a seat or use the individual pieces in an obstacle course, even turn the train into an arc and crawl through! The velcro panels hold the pieces together. When connected the caterpillar measures 170cmL x 42cmW x 38cmH. Learn More
  5. Looped Balance Board
    Looped Balance Board
    Product Code: 11051
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Stand on the board or use your hands to manoeuvre the marble along the groove from one side to the other. The looped groove is covered with clear acrylic to keep the marble fully contained.This is a great activity toy to encourage concentration and balancing skills. Measures 47cmW x 29cmD x 5cmH. Learn More
  6. Bumper Cars Set of 3
    Bumper Cars Set of 3
    Product Code: 97820
    Save 36%
    Regular Price $461.67 Special Price $296.89 $269.90
    The bumper car is made of powder-coated steel with a rubber bumper strip to protect furniture and other Bumper Cars from those unintentional collisions! The car has working steering, bearing wheels and a solid constructed, retro-styled body measuring 45cmL x 39cmW. Seat height 23cm. Learn More
  7. Sitzl Spinner
    Sitzl Spinner
    Product Code: 10101
    Price $32.95 $29.95
    Bright and sturdy spinner for littlies to sit in and explore balance and co-ordination. Colours available are red, yellow, blue and green. Measures 34cm x 34cm x 24cm H. Ages 18 months+. Learn More
  8. Red Mini Trampoline 91.5cm Diam x 23cmH
    Red Mini Trampoline 91.5cm Diam x 23cmH
    Product Code: 14533
    Price $208.89 $189.90

    Strong, stable powder-coated steel construction. Suitable for children as well as adults. Includes safety pads that cover the springs to provide optimal safety. Improved lymphatic system, balance, coordination and strengthens every cell in the body. Holds up to 120kgs. Measures 100cm in diameter x 23cmH.

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  9. Zig-Zag Balance Board
    Zig-Zag Balance Board
    Product Code: 11057
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Practise balance skills and co-ordination by balancing on this board while trying to track the marble along the zig-zag groove. Marble is encased behind the acrylic window. 29cm x 47cm. Learn More
  10. Spiral Balance Board
    Spiral Balance Board
    Product Code: 11056
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Manoeuvre the marble along the spiral groove by standing one foot each side of the board. The marble is contained by a see-through acrylic sheet. 29cm x 47cm. Learn More
  11. Scooter Board Large With Safety Handles 40cmx40cm
    Scooter Board Large With Safety Handles 40cmx40cm
    Product Code: 13009
    Price $49.39 $44.90

    This large scooter board is made of a virtually indestructible, thick, moulded plastic material. It has been designed to be used on hard surfaces. Great for developing and promoting gross motor development. The rocking motion or 'instability' of the surface as the board moves will increase children's body awareness, balance and co-ordination. Used with another child, children will develop skills in sharing and turn taking. 4 swivel wheels. Colours may vary. Measures 40cmW x 40cmL. Maximun weight capacity 80kgs. Ages 3yrs+.

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  12. Rock And Walk Horse
    Rock And Walk Horse
    Product Code: 13025
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    Regular Price $164.89 Special Price $106.59 $96.90
    By leaning backwards while gripping the handles, the child can make the zebra move forward in a gentle rocking motion. Measures 52cm L x 52cm H x 30cmW. Learn More
  13. Rock And Walk Zebra
    Rock And Walk Zebra
    Product Code: 13026
    Save 35%
    Regular Price $164.89 Special Price $106.59 $96.90
    By leaning backwards while gripping the handles, the child can make the zebra move forward in a gentle rocking motion. Measures 52cm L x 52cm H x 30cmW. Learn More
  14. Hi Hopper 55cm
    Hi Hopper 55cm
    Product Code: 11897
    Price $40.15 $36.50
    Extra heavy-duty. 800gm in weight and 55cm diameter. Learn More
  15. Six Wheel Pedal Roller
    Six Wheel Pedal Roller
    Product Code: 13010
    Price $131.89 $119.90
    This sturdy 6-wheel pedal roller supports up to 100kg with the large 21cm diameter wheels. Stand on the platforms, start walking and move forward or backwards. Improves balance, co-ordination and reaction in a fun way. Ages 5+. Learn More
  16. Junior Jumper
    Junior Jumper
    Product Code: 14532
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    When assembled this trampoline measures 88cm L x 88cm W x 76cm H. Learn More
  17. Playground Speedboat
    Playground Speedboat
    Product Code: 14236
    Price $659.89 $599.90
    Professionally engineered for maximum strength with long-lasting electrostatic powder coated finish. Two wooden seats and solid plastic steering wheel. Measures 140cmL x 60cmW x 50cmH. Learn More
  18. Two-Way Playground Taxi
    Two-Way Playground Taxi
    Product Code: 14235
    Price $659.89 $599.90
    Professionally engineered for maximum strength with long-lasting electrostatic powder coated finish. 5 year structural warranty. Measures 120cm L x 60cm W x 50cm H. Learn More
  19. Whizzy Dizzy 55cm Diam
    Whizzy Dizzy 55cm Diam
    Product Code: 10099
    Price $219.89 $199.90

    Made with very strong high-grade plastic with a steel centre shaft and ball-bearings. Measures 55cm diameter and 30cm in height. When the child turns the upper disc, their body moves in the opposite direction. An easy way to get children to stay active. They simply cannot get off the Whizzy Dizzy once they hop on it! A gross motor toy that will entertain children for hours while improving their hand and eye co-ordination. The spinning action also enables children to practice balancing as they are encouraged to steer the wheel faster as they get some healthy exercise at play. Load tested to 45kgs.

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  20. Two Way Balance Rocker
    Two Way Balance Rocker
    Product Code: 11058
    Price $87.89 $79.90
    A fun rocker board that helps children from age five practice balancing. Great for daycare centres, kindergartens or family play. Made of plantation rubber wood. All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic and conform to Australia/NZ Safety Standards. Solid timber construction measuring 40cmL x 25cmW x 15cmH. Learn More
  21. Rock and Hopper
    Rock and Hopper
    Product Code: 11059
    Price $41.25 $37.50
    Improve your fitness, skill and sense of balance. Reinforced plastic platform with an inflatable durable rubber ball. Colours may vary. Maximum user weight is 35kg. Measures 37cmW x 29cmH. Learn More

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