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  1. Activity Shapes
    Activity Shapes
    Product Code: 35106
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    Regular Price $29.59 Special Price $23.65 $21.50

    The round pieces can be moved up and down along the shaped and screw shafts requiring different hand movements helping to develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. For 2yrs+.

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  2. Pushalong Bee and Ladybird Set of 2
    Pushalong Bee and Ladybird Set of 2
    Product Code: 99993
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    Regular Price $37.18 Special Price $29.59 $26.90

    These pushalongs are high quality timber toys that will help children develop their fine motor and gross motor skills. As the wheels turn, the beads fly around making a pleasing clacking noise. Both the bee and ladybird measure 54cmL including handle. Ages 1yr+.

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  3. Lacing Fruits, Apple and Cheese Set
    Lacing Fruits, Apple and Cheese Set
    Product Code: 99507
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    Regular Price $62.37 Special Price $49.39 $44.90
    This set comprises the fruits lacing set with the banana being the largest piece at 7cm long. It comes with 2 laces. The apple threader has a worm on the string to thread through the holes. A valuable pre-writing resource. The mouse in the cheese is an excellent way to improve fine motor skills. Ages 3yrs+. Learn More
  4. Round Bead Frame Table
    Round Bead Frame Table
    Product Code: 35764
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    Regular Price $153.89 Special Price $130.79 $118.90
    Sturdy bead frame table for group activity. Useful manipulative resource to aid with the development of hand-eye co-ordination. Measures 38cm in diameter and 65cm in height. The animals and the mountain on the table are included. Learn More
  5. Jumbo SmartMax Magnetic Construction 100pcs
    Jumbo SmartMax Magnetic Construction 100pcs
    Product Code: 40103
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    Regular Price $296.89 Special Price $237.49 $215.90
    100 pieces of magnetic fun and discovery! SmartMax is the magnetic discovery system that enables children to experience both the wonders of magnetism and the fascinating world of construction in a safe way. The extra-large pieces make it easy for small children to manipulate them. The magnets have the ideal strength for easy assembly and breakdown of constructions. Outstanding, colourfully-illustrated guide demonstrates the basics of magnetic phenomena, ways to strengthen structures, steps in building towers and bridges, and much more. Most importantly, children thrive on the creative satisfaction of dreaming up their own wonderfully imaginative magnetic assemblies! Use the lid and bottom of the bucket as a building base. Contains 48 short bars, 26 metal balls, 8 curved bars and 18 long bars. Ages 3-8yrs+. Learn More
  6. Babies Rattle and Teether Set 4pcs
    Babies Rattle and Teether Set 4pcs
    Product Code: 99991
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    Regular Price $28.38 Special Price $10.95 $9.95

    Comprises two Double Orbity Zorbities each measuring 9cmL and two Rolling Ball Rattles each measuring 8cmW. Great auditory, visual and tactile baby toys.

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  7. Pullalong Wobbly Snail
    Pullalong Wobbly Snail
    Product Code: 55201
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    Regular Price $21.89 Special Price $17.49 $15.90

    Pull the snail and watch the rhythmic motion. This high quailty wooden pullalong is the perfect companion for little ones just beginning to learn about movement, colors and shapes.

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  8. Airline Abacus
    Airline Abacus
    Product Code: 65611
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    Regular Price $32.45 Special Price $25.96 $23.60
    It's easy for children to learn simple math, colours and patterns with the Airline Abacus. It can be used upright or flat on a table top. Measures 29cmL x 24cmW x 12cmH. Learn More
  9. 2 First Cars and 2 First Tow Trucks
    2 First Cars and 2 First Tow Trucks
    Product Code: 96022
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    Regular Price $52.36 Special Price $32.89 $29.90

    Super-strong, smooth-shaped vehicles with easy grip feature for small hands. The four vehicles each measure 15cm in length.

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  10. Knock Out Bench
    Knock Out Bench
    Product Code: 35302
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    Regular Price $18.59 Special Price $11.99 $10.90

    Beautifully made Swedish hammering bench with wooden base, wooden pounding hammer and strong plastic pegs. When all the pegs have been knocked down, turn the bench over and start again! Colours may vary. Bench measures 24cm in length.

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  11. Twist & Turn
    Twist & Turn
    Product Code: 35105
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    Regular Price $26.95 Special Price $21.56 $19.60
    Four different pieces can be assembled in various ways with many outcomes. Learn More
  12. Jumbo Connect-a-Cube 50pcs
    Jumbo Connect-a-Cube 50pcs
    Product Code: 40220
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    Regular Price $60.39 Special Price $48.29 $43.90
    Use to develop counting, sorting, sequencing, graphing, patterning, measuring and basic mathematic operations. Connectable at six sides and rotate to develop spacial awareness, creativity, problem solving, and fine motor skills. Comes with storage tub. Ages 3+. Learn More

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