Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games
Games of skill requiring precise throwing, tossing and catching, competitive games, team games and most of all games to get you outdoors having fun. Buy parachutes, quoits, cricket, bowls, stilts and other target games.

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  1. Solid Hoops 50cm Set of 4
    Solid Hoops 50cm Set of 4
    Product Code: 96907
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    Regular Price $52.36 Special Price $41.69 $37.90

    Outdoor resources don't get any more open ended than these. Great for use in large scale loose parts play, obstacle courses, coordination challenges and dramatic play experiences. Encourage children to imagine, create, coordinate and develop gross motor skills as they engage with this resource. Made of 12mm high density polyprop. Each hoop measures 50cm diameter.

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  2. Nature's Footsteps Set 15pcs
    Nature's Footsteps Set 15pcs
    Product Code: 11395
    Price $164.89 $149.90

    Kids will have hours of healthy, imaginative play with these 15 non-slip, thick, natural rubber-backed mats. Colourful printing of leaves of all seasons, rocks and logs. Children can use them as pretend stepping stones, balance on the log while having fun both indoors and outdoors.⁠ It is the perfect way for children to practice balance, coordination and develop their gross motor skills. The log measures approximately 92cmL x 18cmW. Made with natural rubber and microsuede.

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  3. Giant Pick Up Sticks 31pcs
    Giant Pick Up Sticks 31pcs
    Product Code: 12155
    Price $36.85 $33.50
    Can you pick up the poles, without moving the other ones? A game encouraging deep and strategic thinking as well as problem solving and confidence. Includes 31 poles made of bamboo, each measuring 90cmL. Learn More
  4. Kids Cricket Set Yellow with Carry Bag
    Kids Cricket Set Yellow with Carry Bag
    Product Code: 11819
    Price $98.89 $89.90
    Quality moulded PVC cricket gear. Tough and durable. Set includes 2 yellow cricket bats, 2 cricket stumps (bases and bails), 4 cricket balls and a nylon carry bag. Suitable for 8 years and under. Includes size 3 bats, small size stumps and 4 balls. Learn More
  5. Panel Race
    Panel Race
    Product Code: 35758
    Price $824.89 $749.90
    Panel Race is made from commercial grade high-density polyethylene. Designed for solo or group play. Slide the discs as quick as possible to find a pathway from the start point to the finish. Helps with the development of social and interaction skills and aids concentration through play. The panel is 19mm thick and measures 98cmH x 73.5cmW. Learn More
  6. Jumbo Parachute 6mt Diameter with 18 Handles
    Jumbo Parachute 6mt Diameter with 18 Handles
    Product Code: 12102
    Price $208.89 $189.90

    Parachute play is an enjoyable way for children to develop motor coordination, team play and collaborative decision making skills. Strong, brightly coloured, lightweight, nylon parachute ideal for group exercises.  Comes with a mesh porthole and 18 stitched handles. Measures 6cm diameter. Includes cloth carry bag.

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  7. Foam Tenpin Bowling Set
    Foam Tenpin Bowling Set
    Product Code: 11728
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Modified version of ten pin bowling which can be used on any level surface. Pins weighted for stability. Set includes 10 yellow pins 30cm high and 1 bowling ball 21cm diameter. Learn More
  8. Hoops and Ropes Set With Trolley 70pcs
    Hoops and Ropes Set With Trolley 70pcs
    Product Code: 11977
    Price $545.49 $495.90
    Great starter kit for your hoops and ropes with loads of room to add more equipment. The mobile storage trolley makes it easy to keep your equipment stored and organised. Trolley measures 170cmH x 78cmL x 48cmW. Includes 10 x 1.8m Skipping Ropes, 10 x 2.1m skipping ropes with white handles, 10 x 2.4m skipping ropes with green handles, 10 x 2.7m skipping ropes with red handles, 10 x 3m skipping ropes with blue handles, 5 x 50cm solid red hoops, 5 x 63cm solid green hoops, 5 x 75cm solid yellow hoops, 5 x 90cm solid blue hoops and the 3 layer rope and hoop trolley. Learn More
  9. Indigenous 40 Games Program Kit
    Indigenous 40 Games Program Kit
    Product Code: 11917
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    Regular Price $1,865.49 Special Price $1,491.49 $1,355.90
    The ultimate kit used for the Indigenous Games Program. This kit contains everything you need to play up to 40 different games for hours of activity and fun. Try Kai, Parndo, Koolchee, Gorri, Wana, Kolap, Buroinjin, Woggabaliri, Keentan, Wulijini, Kokan, Taktyerrain, Kee'an, Tarnambai, Munhanganing, Kalq, Weme and Yiri. Set includes 1 x Red Lanyard, 1 x Plastic Whistle, 1 x Space Stations Set of 6, 1 x Bucket of X-Out Tennis Balls, 2 x Large Bocce Sets, 2 x Foam Bowling Sets, 2 x Swiss Balls 75cm, 2 x Skipping Ropes 4.5m Yellow Handles, 15 x Senior Rippa Tag Belt Sets - Red, 15 x Rippa Tag Belt Sets, 15 x Nylon Mesh Bibs - Jnr Red, 15 x Nylon Mesh Bibs - Jnr Yellow, 16 x Water Noodles, 5 x Super Skin Softi Balls Green, 5 x Super Skin Softi Balls Orange, 5 x Super Skin Softi Balls Purple, 1 x Catchtail Ball Set, 1 x Bean Bag Balls Set, 4 x Super Skin Soccer Balls, 1 x Club Kit Bag, 1 x Core Kit Bag, 1 x Field Marker Set of 50, 2 x Wiffle Balls. Copy the following link to view history and rules: https://sportandrecreation.nsw.gov.au/clubs/training/tig Learn More
  10. Tip It Towers 2pcs
    Tip It Towers 2pcs
    Product Code: 12120
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    The goal of the game is to tip the balls off the towers! Place a large ball on the tower to make it easier for beginners or a smaller ball to improve precision shooting. Choose from an underarm or overarm throwing action or for something different, try using a frisbee! Set the target height low or high for added variety. Adjustable target height options: 89cm, 100cm, 125cm, 150cm. Tower suits balls 7cm to 16cm in diameter. Learn More
  11. Giant Darts Set
    Giant Darts Set
    Product Code: 12001
    Price $87.89 $79.90
    A fun, safe target based game for all ages! The lightweight cloth target easily slides on to a 75cm hoop (not included) and has 3 different scoring zones. The lightweight darts and balls have velcro panels which stick to the target. Set includes: 1 x Cloth Target, 6 x Foam Darts (3 x Red, 3 x Blue) and 6 x Cloth Balls (3 x Red, 3 x Blue). Learn More
  12. Alphabet Bean Bags 26pcs
    Alphabet Bean Bags 26pcs
    Product Code: 11938
    Price $62.59 $56.90
    Help develop co-ordination, hand-eye co-ordination, gross motor skills and sorting and classification. Each bean bag shows both upper and lower case letters. Each set includes 26 bean bags marked A-Z. Size: 12cm x 12cm. Learn More
  13. Extra Large Wobbly Mat 213cmL x 180cmW
    Extra Large Wobbly Mat 213cmL x 180cmW
    Product Code: 14451
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    Regular Price $417.89 Special Price $292.49 $265.90
    An extraordinary, fun piece of outside play equipment which aids with balance and gives confidence in gross motor play while providing an amazing sensory experience. Made from strong vinyl and, when filled with water, moulds with the body. Fall on it, jump on it or just lie on it, the Wobbly Mat moves, rolls and wobbles just like you are floating on the sea. Measures 2.13 metres long x 1.8 metres wide. Learn More
  14. Large Rubber Quoits Set
    Large Rubber Quoits Set
    Product Code: 11954
    Price $87.89 $79.90
    A classic game for both outdoor and indoor use. Heavy rubber base for stability with a 40cm high stake. Includes six 18cm diameter rubber quoits. Includes handy mesh carry bag. Ages 4yrs+. Learn More
  15. 10 Plywood Returning Boomerangs 45cm
    10 Plywood Returning Boomerangs 45cm
    Product Code: 96520
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    Regular Price $131.45 Special Price $118.25 $107.50
    These boomerangs are genuine hand made timber artifacts and guaranteed to return. Ready to paint plywood measuring 45cmL. Made by indigenous artist Murruppi. Learn More
  16. Rubber Eggs & Chopsticks Race
    Rubber Eggs & Chopsticks Race
    Product Code: 11965
    Price $26.29 $23.90
    Use the pair of rubber chopsticks to hold the rubber egg from the start line to the finish line without dropping the egg. If player drops the egg, go back to the start line and start again. Any player or team that can move all the eggs from start line to finish line without dropping them wins the game. Set comes with 2 pairs of rubber chopsticks and 10 rubber egg. Learn More
  17. Junior Soccer Goal Set
    Junior Soccer Goal Set
    Product Code: 11963
    Price $76.89 $69.90
    Complete set for a game of mini soccer. The D-shaped goals provide extra stability. Set includes two mini goals, a 15cm diameter PVC ball and a hand pump. The goals measure 74cmW x 60cmH x 46cmD. Learn More
  18. Giant Log Toss
    Giant Log Toss
    Product Code: 11951
    Price $98.89 $89.90
    Set the 12 large numbered pins indoors or out for a fun game of co-ordination. Players use the throwing log to knock down one pin at a time and score that number. Whoever gets to 50 exactly is the winner. Pins measure 15cm high with a diameter of 5cm and are stored in a wooden carry box which measures 39cm L x 19cm W x 14cm H. Learn More
  19. Jumbo Transforming Sphere
    Jumbo Transforming Sphere
    Product Code: 69260
    Price $71.39 $64.90

    Chuck Hoberman’s famous, magically transforming expanding isosidodecahedron opens from 25cm to an amazing 80cm in diameter. Includes a pulley, hardware and instructions to hang as a kinetic mobile and education booklet.

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  20. Sirius Glider
    Sirius Glider
    Product Code: 69365
    Price $19.75 $17.95

    Newly designed version has improved its already exceptional flying performance to keep it in the air for over 15 seconds! 

    The glider has a shock-proof nose and adjustable ballasts to change flight patterns, a rudder and a 40cm wing profile to give excellent lift.

    So get ready for some Sirius fun and exciting outdoor activity.

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  21. Mini Kinder 'Chute 180cm
    Mini Kinder 'Chute 180cm
    Product Code: 12103
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    Strong, brightly-coloured nylon parachute with 6 stitched handles. Excellent for coordination, team play and collaborative decision making skills. Measures 180cm in diameter. Includes a cloth carry bag.

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  22. Chunkie Wheelie 60cm
    Chunkie Wheelie 60cm
    Product Code: 12996
    Price $43.95 $39.95
    Great fun for indoor and outdoor play, encouraging balance, gross motor and co-ordination skills. Learn More
  23. Parachute Multicolour 4m Diameter
    Parachute Multicolour 4m Diameter
    Product Code: 12101
    Price $109.89 $99.90

    Strong, brightly-coloured nylon parachute with 12 stitched handles. Excellent for coordination, team play and collaborative decision making skills. As children become more confident, try adding balls, bean bags or incorporate other games into the 'chute play. Includes a cloth carry bag. Measures 4m in diameter with 12 handles.

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  24. 42 Fun Ball Games Book
    42 Fun Ball Games Book
    Product Code: 11934
    Price $17.05 $15.50
    The ideal activity and resource book encouraging active play using balls. The recommended size is around 22cm diameter, however, often the smaller the ball, the harder the game! Presented with a high gloss cover and ring bound for easy reference and includes 42 fun ball games for children over 3 years. Differing levels of difficulty for both group and individual play. Simple instructions with easy to follow diagrams. Learn More
  25. Fling-a-Majig
    Product Code: 11950
    Price $31.85 $28.95
    Supplied with two individual flick nets and two balls. Ideal for partner activities or for solo use. Learn More

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