Dice and Spinners

Dice and Spinners
The following dice are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and sets. Buy the standard 1.5cm dice in class sets through to the huge poly faced dice measuring between 14cm at 16.5cm. Browse Toy Time Direct's range now.

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  1. Classroom Dice Set 154pcs
    Classroom Dice Set 154pcs
    Product Code: 65774
    Price $109.89 $99.90

    Designed in collaboration with a numeracy specialist, this versatile classroom dice set contains all the dice you need! 154 dice in 12 styles and comes in a versatile storage box including two additional handy smaller cases, perfect for playing cards, flash cards or spare dice.

    Dice styles included:

    • 30 x Polyhedral Dice with 8-,12- and 20-sides (10 of each)
    • 20 x 10-sided Polyhedral Dice
    • 2 x 30-Sided Polyhedral Dice
    • 12 x 10-sided Polyhedral Place Value Dice (0-9, 00-90, 000-900, 0000-9000 (3 of each)
    • 10 x Blank Dice
    • 30 x Dot Dice
    • 10 x Number Dice
    • 10 x Addition / Subtraction Operations Dice
    • 10 x Multiplication / Division Operations Dice
    • 10 x Combined Operations Dice
    • 10 x One-Two-Three Number Dice
    • 2 x 40mm Jumbo Dot Dice

    Storage container measures 24.8cmW x 13cmD x 12.5cmH and the smaller coloured boxes each measure 15.5cmL x 10.5cmW x 2.5cmD.

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  2. Jumbo Tactile Number Dice 3pcs
    Jumbo Tactile Number Dice 3pcs
    Product Code: 65762
    Price $16.45 $14.95
    Natural timber dice with the number dots drilled for tactile play. These large 5cm x 5cm dice are stored in a calico bag. Learn More
  3. Spinners Numeral One to Nine 10pcs
    Spinners Numeral One to Nine 10pcs
    Product Code: 65753
    Price $36.85 $33.50
    One to nine. Cardboard 11cm x 11cm. Learn More
  4. Jumbo Coin Dice 2pcs
    Jumbo Coin Dice 2pcs
    Product Code: 65027
    Price $10.95 $9.95
    This two coin dice set is ideal for activities using both coins and notes. Each dice is 3cm cubed. Learn More
  5. Dice Polyhedra Numbered 72pcs
    Dice Polyhedra Numbered 72pcs
    Product Code: 65775
    Price $43.89 $39.90
    Set contains 72 opaque mixed polyhedra dice. 6 types - 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 faced in a box. Learn More
  6. Numeral Spinners 10pcs
    Numeral Spinners 10pcs
    Product Code: 65752
    Price $36.85 $33.50
    Zero to nine. Cardboard 11cm x 11cm. Learn More
  7. Clear Polycarbonate Spinner 1pc
    Clear Polycarbonate Spinner 1pc
    Product Code: 65755
    Price $5.39 $4.90
    11cm x 11cm polycarbonate face with plastic spinner. Learn More
  8. Spinners Dot 1-10 10pcs
    Spinners Dot 1-10 10pcs
    Product Code: 65751
    Price $36.85 $33.50
    Dot - one to ten. Cardboard 11cm x 11cm. Learn More
  9. Dot Spinners 10pcs
    Dot Spinners 10pcs
    Product Code: 65750
    Price $36.85 $33.50
    10 frame dot. Cardboard 11cm x 11cm. Learn More
  10. Spinners Blank 10pcs
    Spinners Blank 10pcs
    Product Code: 65754
    Price $31.35 $28.50
    Pack of 10. Blank white cardboard backing 11cm x 11cm with coloured plastic spinner. Learn More
  11. Foam Dot Dice Set 6pcs
    Foam Dot Dice Set 6pcs
    Product Code: 65767
    Price $40.15 $36.50
    A set of six colourful coated foam dice each measuring 8cm2. Learn More

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