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  1. Interstar Starter Set 100pcs
    Interstar Starter Set 100pcs
    Product Code: 40007
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    A beautiful and colourful addition to the block play area, these blocks help children develop hand eye coordination and early math and engineering skills through hands on learning. They learn better with tactile and visually interesting objects and learn how heavy the blocks are when stacking and building. Interstar teaches spatial awareness, improves fine motor skills, enhances logical thinking while demonstrating cause and effect. Includes 4 large black wheels with hubcaps, 4 large yellow axles, 6 universal joints, 5 twistable balls (two of which feature faces) 4 coloured wheels, 16 square shaped blocks, 16 rectangular shaped blocks, 12 long block shape pieces, 5 short straight sections, 14 long straight sections, 12 "H" shapes and 2 animal heads. The largest rectangular block measures 13cmL x 3cm x 4cm. Interstar is splinter and break proof. Ages 3-12yrs.

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  2. Interstar Baseboards - Set of 3
    Interstar Baseboards - Set of 3
    Product Code: 40015
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    This set of 3 boards each have rotating components built in. Use as a base for construction or with the wheels and axles to create a moving platform. Each base measures 38cm L x 22.5cm W. Learn More
  3. Interstar Workcards 8pcs
    Interstar Workcards 8pcs
    Product Code: 40017
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    Regular Price $15.29 Special Price $11.99 $10.90
    These eight A4 workcards show a wide variety of models with further instructions on the back covering a large range in difficulty. Learn More
  4. Interstar Long Flats 15pcs
    Interstar Long Flats 15pcs
    Product Code: 40012
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    Long flat sections have 6 rotating discs, giving endless creative possibilities. Connect any Interstar parts to their slotted surfaces to create models that move! Each long flat measures 23cmL. Learn More
  5. Interstar Bricks 48pcs
    Interstar Bricks 48pcs
    Product Code: 40014
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    Interstar Bricks will challenge even the brightest minds with their amazing potential and versatility. Each brick has rotating discs onto which you can attach any other Interstar parts making them able to move independently of the main structure. Includes 8 large bricks, 16 medium bricks and 24 small bricks. The small square brick measures 8cmL x 8cmW x 4cmH. Learn More
  6. Interstar Blocks 100pcs
    Interstar Blocks 100pcs
    Product Code: 40013
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    36 square tiles, 36 rectangular tiles and 28 block shaped pieces. Build walls, fences, houses etc. Smallest piece - 4.5 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm. Learn More
  7. Interstar Animal Heads 58pcs
    Interstar Animal Heads 58pcs
    Product Code: 40008
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    Great accessory pack extending the play value of the Interstar range. Includes 10 animal heads and 48 short straight sections. The elephant head measures 9cm in length.

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  8. Interstar Wheels & Axles 24pcs
    Interstar Wheels & Axles 24pcs
    Product Code: 40016
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    Regular Price $62.15 Special Price $49.39 $44.90
    Imagine a fantastic construction set that can also move. Interstar Wheels and Axles makes this a reality by allowing children to add movement to their toys. Set includes 12 large slotted wheels with rotating hubcaps and 12 slotted axles to attach to any other Interstar components. Let's go! Wheel size 8.5cm in diameter. Learn More
  9. Interstar Colour Wheels 36pcs
    Interstar Colour Wheels 36pcs
    Product Code: 40011
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    5cm diameter wheels in a variety of colours. Great new addition to get things moving. Learn More
  10. Interstar Links 80pcs
    Interstar Links 80pcs
    Product Code: 40010
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    Interstar Links are ingeniously constructed pieces that connect, bend and flex to provide children with endless creative possibilities. With splinter and break proof pieces, youngsters can play safely while developing their fine motor skills and creative thinking. Includes 40 Long Straights, 24 H-Shaped pieces, and 16 joints. Long straight - 8 cm long. Interlocks with all other Interstar sets. Learn More
  11. Interstar Geometric Shapes 36pcs
    Interstar Geometric Shapes 36pcs
    Product Code: 40004
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    These Interstar geometric shapes will connect with all your other Interstar components adding a mathematical dimension to this classic construction set. Consists of 12 triangles, 12 squares and 12 pentagons. Each piece has a common edge size of 6cm, so they are all interlocking. Learn More

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