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Math Games
Math games make learning more fun and engaging. When children play games, they apply their math skills to new and unique scenarios while building logic and critical thinking skills. Browse our range of games below.

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  1. Inflatable Number Star Ball
    Inflatable Number Star Ball
    Product Code: 11915
    Price $16.39 $14.90

    The Inflatable Number Star Ball is a unique design that helps kids develop focus and hand-eye coordination. It features coloured spikes with numbered tips that can be used to improve memory and math skills. This can be done through a variety of point scoring and numeracy games. It is inflatable and made from soft vinyl, making it comfortable and safe to throw and catch.


    • Develops fine motor skills
    • Use for memory and numeracy games
    • Inflatable soft vinyl
    • 6 numbered, colour spikes
    • Measures 30cm in diameter
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  2. Hopscotch Fun With Numbers Set
    Hopscotch Fun With Numbers Set
    Product Code: 10181
    Price $139.15 $126.50

    Make numbers fun with the Hopscotch Fun With Numbers Set. This set is a great teaching aid for parents and teachers who are looking for creative and engaging ways that combine numeracy learning and physical movement. The set includes the Foam Hopscotch Mat (183cmL) with 4 discs in a zippered storage bag, 20 Beetle Number Bean Bag Set in a zippered net bag, an Inflatable Number Star Ball and a high-density foam (20 sided) dice to create numeracy learning games. Note: Colours may vary.

    Set Components:

    • #10180 1 x Hopscotch Tiles in Carry Bag 10pcs
    • #11939 1 x Beetle Number Bean Bag Set in Storage Bag 20pcs
    • #11915 1 x Inflatable Number Star Ball
    • #11831 1 x 20 Sided H/D Foam Dice

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  3. Wooden Unit Number Blocks Set 32pcs
    Wooden Unit Number Blocks Set 32pcs
    Product Code: 65105
    Price $274.89 $249.90

    A set of 32 solid beech wood numbers perfect for development of number learning, number sequencing and simple mathematical skills. The set contains numbers from 1 - 10. Height of each number is proportional to the respective number quantity. For example, height of number 5 is equal to the height of 5 number 1's piled up. This is a perfect feature providing tactile and visual experiences to the kids when they are learning the concept of quantity and when they are learning simple addition and subtraction. They can "touch and feel" 1 + 1 = 2 by physically touching the pieces or by visually comparing the heights of the pieces. Teaching of numbers and simple mathematics cannot be easier! Includes workcards an 2 dice for games. The set comes in a timber storage box measuring 41cmL x 20cm D x 5cmH.

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  4. Balance Scales with Numbered Bean Bags
    Balance Scales with Numbered Bean Bags
    Product Code: 65503
    Price $186.89 $169.90

    The number 2 bean bag weighs twice as much as the number 1 bean bag. A number 5 bean bag is equal to a number 2 and 3 bean bag. Kids can balance the bean bags on the scales, while learning simple addition and subtraction with this highly educational game. Size approximately 60cm x 20cm x 15cm. Five pairs of beanbags numbered 1-5. Ages 3yrs+.

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  5. Wooden Finger Tracing Number Cards 10pcs
    Wooden Finger Tracing Number Cards 10pcs
    Product Code: 65101
    Price $87.89 $79.90

    Trace and count from one to ten with these wooden number cards. Designed so that kids can learn the shapes of numbers by tracing them with their fingers. Supplied in a pine storage box. Includes 10 cards each measuring 15cm x 10cm.

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  6. Sleeved Play Dice Set of 2
    Sleeved Play Dice Set of 2
    Product Code: 99722
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    Regular Price $21.78 Special Price $19.25 $17.50

    An innovative, fun learning tool perfect to use for many maths and language activities. Place flashcards in the clear vinyl pockets to create an instant lesson. For example work on counting, number recognition, probability, letter identification, reading sight words and identifying emotions. You can even place family photos, conversation starters, story writing ideas or writing prompts, the possibilities are endless! Each face measures 10cm x 10cm (cards not included).

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  7. Learning Fractions Puzzle Set 56pcs
    Learning Fractions Puzzle Set 56pcs
    Product Code: 65119
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    This is a great way to introduce mathematical concepts through play. Children can use their problem-solving skills to complete the puzzles. When they are ready and are showing interest, you can begin to discuss the concepts of fractions and talk about how many pieces make up a whole, half and quarters, for example. A great puzzle that can be used in the early years and reintroduced when children are ready to learn about mathematical concepts. This set contains fractions from 1 whole to 1/10. Made of beech. The wooden storage tray measures 18cm in diameter and the formed puzzles measure 15cm in diameter.

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  8. Count and Match Numbers
    Count and Match Numbers
    Product Code: 65692
    Price $42.79 $38.90
    This wooden number matching set includes 55 coloured rings, 10 number tiles and 10 colour dot tiles. Learn counting, addition, subtraction and more. Measures approximately 41cmL x 13cmD. Learn More
  9. Attribute Logic Blocks 60pcs
    Attribute Logic Blocks 60pcs
    Product Code: 65790
    Price $26.95 $26.95
    Attribute logic blocks are used to classify shapes, sizes, colours, thickness and develop logical thinking. The set includes squares, rectangles, circles, triangles and hexagons in red, yellow and blue, all in two sizes (10cm2 and 30cm2) and two thicknesses (3mm and 10mm). Each set is packed in a plastic box with lock. Ages 3-8 years. Learn More
  10. Math Lotto
    Math Lotto
    Product Code: 65124
    Price $32.78 $29.80
    A problem solving game, introduction to addition and subtraction. Use magic decoder to check answers. Ages 5-8. Learn More
  11. Arne Junior
    Arne Junior
    Product Code: 50928
    Price $27.39 $24.90
    A game of decision making, counting and anticipation with a duration of 10-25 minutes. For 2-4 players. Ages 5+. Learn More
  12. Cowabunga Math Memory
    Cowabunga Math Memory
    Product Code: 65133
    Price $40.15 $36.50
    Ride high on the wave, dodging obstacles as you play number cards to raise or lower the water level. The player with the least wipeouts wins. Ages 8+. Learn More
  13. Monkey Multiplier
    Monkey Multiplier
    Product Code: 65091
    Price $26.29 $23.90
    Just move the monkeys toes to the 2 numbers you want to multiply and the answer will appear in the ring between his hands. Ages 5+. Learn More
  14. Snap Cards My First Times Tables Snap
    Snap Cards My First Times Tables Snap
    Product Code: 64802
    Price $11.99 $10.90
    In this Snap and Pairs game players must match multiplication sums covering 5 & 10 times tables, for example 5x2 matches 1x10. Ages 5+. Learn More
  15. Snap Cards Maths Snap
    Snap Cards Maths Snap
    Product Code: 64801
    Price $11.99 $10.90
    Players match math equivalents. For example 24-12 matches 6x2. Ages 8+. Learn More
  16. Snap Cards My First Number Snap
    Snap Cards My First Number Snap
    Product Code: 64804
    Price $11.99 $10.90
    A useful snap game to help improve number skills. Players match numbers, words and images from zero through to ten. Ages 3+. Learn More
  17. Goose Eggs Game
    Goose Eggs Game
    Product Code: 65136
    Price $60.39 $54.90
    Learn multiplication the fun way. Each player multiplies with the jumbo 10-sided dice. Select a number board 2-9, then roll the dice to see if you can survive the first one minute round of play. Roll too many goose eggs and you are egged right out of the game. Ideal for practicing times tables. Contains 8 plastic number boards, 4 ten sided dice, 100 plastic chips & 1 sand timer. Ages 8+. Learn More
  18. Bump
    Product Code: 65135
    Price $47.19 $42.90
    A fun game to enhance addition and subtraction skills. Watch out for players with Bump, Super Bump & Bump Back cards. Ages 8+. Learn More
  19. Puzzlesum
    Product Code: 65131
    Price $40.59 $36.90
    Just like Scrabble, but for maths, this is a fun game of numbers for all ages. Helps to appreciate that numbers can be written in different ways. Uncomplicated yet fascinating. The object of the game is to score points by making simple equations on the playing board using Number and Equaliser tiles. Ages 8+. Learn More
  20. Money Lotto
    Money Lotto
    Product Code: 65301
    Price $65.89 $59.90

    What a fun way to learn about our Australian currency. Money Lotto is designed to assist with the ready identification of Australian coins and provide practice in recognising that an amount can be tendered in many different ways. Eg. 10 cents = 1 x 10 cents or 2 x 5 cents. Ages 4+.


    4 durable mats 33cm x 50cm,

    40 cards,

    36 large counters and

    assorted plastic Australian play money.

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  21. Roll And Multiply - Desk
    Roll And Multiply - Desk
    Product Code: 65315
    Price $21.89 $19.90
    Designed to encourage children to learn to reinforce the multiplication facts from the one times to six times tables. Playmat measures 33cm x 28cm. These colourful desk game are printed on a strong mat 33cm x 28cm and come complete with movers and dice. Learn More
  22. Counting Friends 14pcs
    Counting Friends 14pcs
    Product Code: 66111
    Price $38.39 $34.90
    Develop colour recognition, sorting, counting and motor skills with these interesting stacking friends. Ages 3+. Learn More
  23. Cuisenaire Calculation Rods 308pcs
    Cuisenaire Calculation Rods 308pcs
    Product Code: 65690
    Price $50.49 $45.90

    Use the cuisenaire rods to teach a wide variety of mathematical topics such as the basic four operations, fractions, area, volume, square roots and solving equations. Set includes 308 pieces of colour coded rods: white x 176pcs, brown x 6pcs, blue x 6pcs, orange x 6pcs, yellow x 10 pcs, dark green x 10pcs, black x 10pcs, red x 36pcs, light green x 36pcs and pink x 12pcs.

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  24. Number Chase
    Number Chase
    Product Code: 65030
    Price $25.85 $23.50
    To chase down the number by elimination is your task. A numerical logic and reasoning game. Learn More
  25. Shape Sides Game
    Shape Sides Game
    Product Code: 50649
    Price $64.79 $58.90
    An early maths game that helps children to easily recognize and remember shapes and the number of sides they have. The two spinners allow the game to be played at different levels. Learn More

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