Stampers, Pads and Stencils

Stampers, Pads and Stencils
Buy Toy Time Direct's stampers, rollers, paint pads and finger printers depicting a wide range of themes.

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  1. Chunky EVA Alphabet Stamps 26pcs
    Chunky EVA Alphabet Stamps 26pcs
    Product Code: 91469
    Price $32.89 $29.90

    EVA Alphabet Stamps are a fun printing tool that engages and encourages children to write and make sentences. Stamps are a quick way to add words to artwork and class displays. They can also be used to make impressions in dough. This collection of easy to hold, EVA Alphabet Stamps includes 26 pieces, each a letter of the alphabet.

    EVA Alphabet Stamps can be used to decorate posters and signage, and embellish artwork, paper craft, decorate wrapping paper and scrap booking projects. Encourage children to incorporate text in their artwork, and use in combination with other stamps to explore shape and pattern. Stamped impressions can be further enhanced with line work using markers.

    • Made from durable 25mm thick EVA foam
    • Letter size approx 6cm high

    How to use EVA Alphabet Stamps
    1. Apply some acrylic paint to a sponge to make a stamp pad.
    2. Ink an EVA Alphabet Stamp using the sponge stamp pad you made.
    3. Then stamp onto paper, card or fabric.
    4. Explore stamping out different designs, words and patterns.
    5. Wash thoroughly after use

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  2. Stencil Texture Sheets 8pcs
    Stencil Texture Sheets 8pcs
    Product Code: 89233
    Price $43.89 $39.90
    Plastic stencil sheets, each with a cut out textured design. To use as a rubbing plate, place template underneath paper. To take a print from the template, place template on top of surface. Use for monoprinting. Includes 8 different texture designs. Learn More
  3. Head and Tail Stampers Set of 8
    Head and Tail Stampers Set of 8
    Product Code: 96884
    Price $28.55 $25.95
    Screw the stamper handles into their bases, then mix and match the different animals heads and tails in amusing combinations. Use with paint, inks and dyes. There are 8 bases and 8 handles in this set. Learn More
  4. Paint & Dough Stampers Underwater
    Paint & Dough Stampers Underwater
    Product Code: 91470
    Price $18.15 $16.50
    These stampers can be used with paint and dough. They are made of tough plastic and heavy duty EVA foam. The handles are 12cm long and the heads are 6cm in diameter. Learn More
  5. Paint & Dough Stampers Aussie Animals
    Paint & Dough Stampers Aussie Animals
    Product Code: 91475
    Price $18.15 $16.50
    Includes 8 assorted stampers (6cm diameter) and 8 screw off handles. Learn More
  6. Paint & Dough Stampers Emotions
    Paint & Dough Stampers Emotions
    Product Code: 91474
    Price $18.15 $16.50
    Includes 8 assorted stampers (6cm diameter) and 8 screw off handles. Learn More
  7. Large Bingo Dot Dabbers 6pcs
    Large Bingo Dot Dabbers 6pcs
    Product Code: 90966
    Price $26.95 $24.50
    Large water-based markers ideal for creating dots of colour. Includes blue, green, pink, purple, orange and red. Each marker is 15cm in height. Learn More
  8. Cotton Art Filters 100pcs
    Cotton Art Filters 100pcs
    Product Code: 91424
    Price $16.39 $14.90

    An interesting painting tool for creating perfect dots. Fantastic for using in units exploring Pointillism or Pop-Art.

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