Indoor Games

Indoor Games
Browse these indoor games and help develop children's good hand eye coordination and targeting skills. Target games like bolas, bowling, quoits and target nets all require these skill development for improved scores.

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  1. Giant Pick Up Sticks 31pcs
    Giant Pick Up Sticks 31pcs
    Product Code: 12155
    Price $36.85 $33.50
    Can you pick up the poles, without moving the other ones? A game encouraging deep and strategic thinking as well as problem solving and confidence. Includes 31 poles made of bamboo, each measuring 90cmL. Learn More
  2. The Bean Bag Recycling Game
    The Bean Bag Recycling Game
    Product Code: 50575
    Price $263.89 $239.90
    Children will learn about sustainable practice in an exciting and challenging way. For 2-4 players. Toss the correct bean bag in the right bin and check that you got it right. How's your memory? Once you've played that game, turn all 24 bean bags face down for a fun memory game . Includes 24 bean bags and a large wooden recycling bin. Measures 40cmH x 60cmW x 10cmD. Learn More
  3. Foam Tenpin Bowling Set
    Foam Tenpin Bowling Set
    Product Code: 11728
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Modified version of ten pin bowling which can be used on any level surface. Pins weighted for stability. Set includes 10 yellow pins 30cm high and 1 bowling ball 21cm diameter. Learn More
  4. Tip It Towers 2pcs
    Tip It Towers 2pcs
    Product Code: 12120
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    The goal of the game is to tip the balls off the towers! Place a large ball on the tower to make it easier for beginners or a smaller ball to improve precision shooting. Choose from an underarm or overarm throwing action or for something different, try using a frisbee! Set the target height low or high for added variety. Adjustable target height options: 89cm, 100cm, 125cm, 150cm. Tower suits balls 7cm to 16cm in diameter. Learn More
  5. Giant Darts Set
    Giant Darts Set
    Product Code: 12001
    Price $87.89 $79.90
    A fun, safe target based game for all ages! The lightweight cloth target easily slides on to a 75cm hoop (not included) and has 3 different scoring zones. The lightweight darts and balls have velcro panels which stick to the target. Set includes: 1 x Cloth Target, 6 x Foam Darts (3 x Red, 3 x Blue) and 6 x Cloth Balls (3 x Red, 3 x Blue). Learn More
  6. Alphabet Bean Bags 26pcs
    Alphabet Bean Bags 26pcs
    Product Code: 11938
    Price $62.59 $56.90
    Help develop co-ordination, hand-eye co-ordination, gross motor skills and sorting and classification. Each bean bag shows both upper and lower case letters. Each set includes 26 bean bags marked A-Z. Size: 12cm x 12cm. Learn More
  7. Wooden Hookey Board
    Wooden Hookey Board
    Product Code: 12005
    Price $32.95 $29.95
    The set comprises a circular wooden board and comes with the rings and all fittings needed to complete the set. Use indoor or outside. A challenging game for all age groups. Perfect for OOSH. Board measures 37cm in diameter. Learn More
  8. Large Rubber Quoits Set
    Large Rubber Quoits Set
    Product Code: 11954
    Price $87.89 $79.90
    A classic game for both outdoor and indoor use. Heavy rubber base for stability with a 40cm high stake. Includes six 18cm diameter rubber quoits. Includes handy mesh carry bag. Ages 4yrs+. Learn More
  9. Rubber Eggs & Chopsticks Race
    Rubber Eggs & Chopsticks Race
    Product Code: 11965
    Price $26.29 $23.90
    Use the pair of rubber chopsticks to hold the rubber egg from the start line to the finish line without dropping the egg. If player drops the egg, go back to the start line and start again. Any player or team that can move all the eggs from start line to finish line without dropping them wins the game. Set comes with 2 pairs of rubber chopsticks and 10 rubber egg. Learn More
  10. Giant Log Toss
    Giant Log Toss
    Product Code: 11951
    Price $98.89 $89.90
    Set the 12 large numbered pins indoors or out for a fun game of co-ordination. Players use the throwing log to knock down one pin at a time and score that number. Whoever gets to 50 exactly is the winner. Pins measure 15cm high with a diameter of 5cm and are stored in a wooden carry box which measures 39cm L x 19cm W x 14cm H. Learn More
  11. Jumbo Transforming Sphere
    Jumbo Transforming Sphere
    Product Code: 69260
    Price $71.39 $64.90

    Chuck Hoberman’s famous, magically transforming expanding isosidodecahedron opens from 25cm to an amazing 80cm in diameter. Includes a pulley, hardware and instructions to hang as a kinetic mobile and education booklet.

    Learn More
  12. Colour Bean Bags 6pcs
    Colour Bean Bags 6pcs
    Product Code: 11945
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    Brightly coloured bean bags with the corresponding colour written. Made of nylon. Each bean bag measures 12cmW x 12cmL.

    Learn More
  13. Shape Bean Bags 12pcs
    Shape Bean Bags 12pcs
    Product Code: 11936
    Price $32.89 $29.90
    Shape bean bags with plastic beads in a vinyl cover. The square measures 12cm x 12cm. Learn More
  14. Number Bean Bags 10pcs
    Number Bean Bags 10pcs
    Product Code: 11944
    Price $29.59 $26.90
    Number bean bags with plastic beads in a vinyl cover measuring 12cm x 12cm. Learn More
  15. 42 Fun Ball Games Book
    42 Fun Ball Games Book
    Product Code: 11934
    Price $17.05 $15.50
    The ideal activity and resource book encouraging active play using balls. The recommended size is around 22cm diameter, however, often the smaller the ball, the harder the game! Presented with a high gloss cover and ring bound for easy reference and includes 42 fun ball games for children over 3 years. Differing levels of difficulty for both group and individual play. Simple instructions with easy to follow diagrams. Learn More
  16. Hands Ground Markers Pair 19cm
    Hands Ground Markers Pair 19cm
    Product Code: 10206
    Price $7.21 $6.55
    19cm L. These markers are extremely durable and have a slip-resistant rubber finish. Learn More
  17. Feet Ground Markers Pair 22.5cm
    Feet Ground Markers Pair 22.5cm
    Product Code: 10205
    Price $7.21 $6.55
    22.5cm L. These markers are extremely durable and have a slip-resistant rubber finish. Learn More
  18. Blindfolds  6pcs
    Blindfolds 6pcs
    Product Code: 51500
    Price $24.15 $21.95
    Bright nylon blindfolds for all hide-and-seek games and many other sensory perception games. Elastic straps with velcro. Learn More
  19. Fitness Dice Set 2pcs
    Fitness Dice Set 2pcs
    Product Code: 11830
    Price $20.79 $18.90
    Set of two heavy duty fabric dice each 10cm cubed. Toss one and then the other to determine how many and which exercise will be performed next. Exercise choices are Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Toe Touch, Arm Circles, Sit Ups and One Foot Hops. Repetitions include 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Learn More
  20. Colourful Quoit Set
    Colourful Quoit Set
    Product Code: 11959
    Price $20.79 $18.90
    Rope quoit measures 10cm diameter. Learn More
  21. Interlocking Hopscotch Set
    Interlocking Hopscotch Set
    Product Code: 10180
    Price $43.95 $39.95
    Ten brightly coloured and numbered tiles fit together to play this traditional game of hopscotch. Play indoors or outdoors. Help develop co-ordination, balance and manipulative skills. Includes 4 discs. Packed in a zippered carry bag. Size: 183cmL x 61cmW. Learn More
  22. Feel and Tell Pattern Tiles
    Feel and Tell Pattern Tiles
    Product Code: 10170
    Price $105.49 $95.90
    Whilst holding the small tiles, children can feel the pattern with their hands and try to match the shape with their feet. Five large tiles measuring 28cm diameter and five small tiles measuring 11cm diameter. Learn More
  23. Hit 'n' Run Sonic Challenge Set of 2
    Hit 'n' Run Sonic Challenge Set of 2
    Product Code: 99850
    Save 50%
    Regular Price $131.78 Special Price $65.89 $59.90
    Place the 10 RFID targets randomly indoors or outdoors and choose 1 of 6 different games. With clear Australian voice commands the games encourage speed, agility and reaction whilst promoting recognition, listening, memory, logic, math and co-operation skills. Hit 'n' run has a 'beat the bomb' timer keeping the play fast and furious and gives real-time audio scoring. Challenge your body and mind and put the joy into learning. Are you ready to Hit 'n' Run? Spare tags are available in a set of ten pieces. Ages 3-12 years. 1 to 10 players. Set out the targets to build the course. Follow the voice commands to identify the correct target. Top score wins!! Features & Specifications: Friendly to use with RFID technology. 6 different active education games to put the joy into learning. Colours, numbers, fruit and animals recognition. Improve motor and athletic skills. Encourage speed, agility and reaction. Promote listening, math, memory and logic skills. For solo and team play to improve co-operative skills. Flexibility for both indoors and outdoors. Age: above 3 years old. Power: requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Learn More
  24. Stopwatch
    Product Code: 65525
    Price $15.95 $14.50

    Excellent sports timer accurate to 1/100th of a second.

    Other functions included are split/lap time, 12 and 24 hour time, date and alarm.

    Learn More
  25. Hopscotch Sums
    Hopscotch Sums
    Product Code: 65181
    Price $54.89 $49.90
    Hop, jump or stretch your way across the brightly coloured life-sized board. Add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers within reach to calculate your way cross the board. Use one or more forms of arithmatic depending on ability or use colour or number recognition. Ages 4-12. Learn More

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