Sensory Toys

Sensory Toys
Browse the following resources promoting sensory learning, curiosity, fine motor skills and imaginative play as well as acting as an aid for children with sensory difficulties. Buy the Sensory Bubble Tubes or the Ooze Tube.

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  1. Pop Tubes 6pcs
    Pop Tubes 6pcs
    Product Code: 35099
    Price $8.75 $7.95

    Endless fun with these simple little tubes!

    Listen to them pop as you stretch them up to four times their original length. Bend them into all kinds of shapes – even connect it with other Pop Tubes!

    You can also stretch it all the way out and swing it around to hear ​it whistle.


    • comes in a 6 pack of assorted colours - red, green, blue, magenta, orange and yellow
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  2. Bubble Pop Fidget Round
    Bubble Pop Fidget Round
    Product Code: 35093
    Price $7.65 $6.95

    The Bubble Pop Fidget is a popular sensory toy featuring silicone bubbles that can be pushed through and popped, to provide a satisfying sensory and tactile experience, helping children stay focused at home or in the class room. They encourage fine motor skills, sensory exploration and cause-effect learning. A truly beautiful keep-their-attention toy. Makes a slight popping sound when buttons are pressed.

    • Made of 100% food-grade silicone
    • Measures 12.5cm diameter
    • Colours vary and are selected at random
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  3. Large Bubbles Pop Fidget
    Large Bubbles Pop Fidget
    Product Code: 35091
    Price $16.39 $14.90

    This Large Bubbles Pop Fidget is a popular sensory toy featuring 5 large silicone bubbles built into a sturdy plastic frame that can be pushed through and popped, to provide a satisfying sensory and tactile experience, helping children stay focused at home or in the class room. They encourage fine motor skills, sensory exploration and cause-effect learning. A truly beautiful, portable, keep-their-attention toy. Makes a slight popping sound when buttons are pressed.

    • Bubbles made of 100% food-grade silicone and frame made of high-quality ABS plastic BPA-free and fully safety tested
    • Measures 12.5cm x 14cm
    • Colours may vary
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  4. Activity Board - Heat Sensitivity
    Activity Board - Heat Sensitivity
    Product Code: 35375
    Price $230.89 $209.90

    A special heat sensitive fun board children will love to play with! After placing their hands or fingers on the board, colour changes can be seen due to body heat. Colour will disappear 10-20 seconds later. A simple and fun way to teach kids about temperature changes and heat in human bodies. Made from birch plywood. Measures 46cmH x 46cmW. Ages 3yrs+.

    This activity board can be wall mounted or used with the Tabletop Stand (#35350), the Floor Stand (#35351), the Mobile STEM Walls (#35020 & #35021).

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  5. Activity Board - Tactile Surfaces
    Activity Board - Tactile Surfaces
    Product Code: 35389
    Price $164.89 $149.90

    A tactile training board containing 9 different materials to encourage interactive learning through play. Children can be asked to match the materials. Teachers can ask children to describe the materials to encourage verbal expression.

    This activity board can be wall mounted or used with the Tabletop Stand (#35350), the Floor Stand (#35351), the Mobile STEM Walls (#35020 & #35021). Made from solid birch plywood. Measures 46cmH x 46cmW. Ages 2yrs+.

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  6. Feely Box Kit
    Feely Box Kit
    Product Code: 99534
    Save 21%
    Regular Price $180.73 Special Price $142.89 $129.90

    Explore texture through play and sensory experiences with this bundle of natural and man-made sensory materials. Create your own mystery texture box with the Wooden Feely Box. With a removable lid and a hole for an arm to go through you’ll have your students squealing with delight as they guess what you have hidden inside. Will they like or dislike the slimly Sensory Water Beads, fluffy Pom Poms or scratchy Sensory Art Paper? Take this opportunity to encourage your students to use powerful language to describe what they feel as they touch each item. Can they draw a picture of what they think they are feeling? This experience could also lead to a creative writing starting point.

    This assortment of materials includes a range of shapes, colours, sizes and textures. Great for art activities, dramatic play, mindfulness practice or classroom learning environments.

    Kit Components:

    • #35050 3 x Sensory Water Beads
    • #91154 1 x Driftwood Twigs 500g
    • #91261 1 x Pebbles Assorted Colours 1.5kg in Tub
    • #35054 1 x Mossy Stones 8pcs
    • #35053 1 x Hairy Stones 5pcs
    • #35056 1 x Textured Fuzzy Balls 12pcs
    • #89237 1 x Sensory Art Paper 10 Sheets
    • #91230 1 x Giant Pom Poms Rainbow 15pcs
    • #35118 1 x Wooden Feely Box
    • #91265 1 x Seashells 700g
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  7. Square Desktop Fidget
    Square Desktop Fidget
    Product Code: 35071
    Price $13.09 $11.90

    This fidget is appropriate for all ages of children who seek sensory input for calming. It's non-skid bottom allows its user to simply place it on any flat surface and run their palm or foot over it for instant sensory stimulation. Use it in the classroom, at home, in the car or anywhere instant calming sensory stimulation is needed. Measures 12.5cmW x 4.5cmH.

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  8. Sensory Balls Set of 6
    Sensory Balls Set of 6
    Product Code: 11918
    Price $15.29 $13.90

    Sensory play for little superstars! Children will love these unique textured balls. They are soft and stimulating enhancing gross motor and tactile skills while encouraging crawling, grasping and coordination. Softly rolling the textured balls on a child's back or feet heightens sensory awareness. Made from PVC, Phthalate and BPA free. These sensory balls come in 6 bright colours, each measuring 9cm in diameter.

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  9. Tactile Sensory Brush
    Tactile Sensory Brush
    Product Code: 35058
    Price $13.09 $11.90

    Our Tactile Sensory Brush may be small, but it is very powerful at providing sensory input in a calming manner. It features long, super soft, feathery bristles on one side that, as well as providing positive sensory input, also provides visual input from the fascinating patterns that can be made. Can be used by therapists, parents or individual children. Made from FDA-approved non-toxic soft silicone. Measures 12cmL x 7cmW.

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  10. Busy Fingers Tactile Ruler
    Busy Fingers Tactile Ruler
    Product Code: 35059
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    Do you have students who just can't sit still at their desks, or who tell you that they can never concentrate on their homework? They need the Busy Fingers Tactile Ruler! Our unique ruler is perfect for use both in the classroom and at home. Both practical and socially acceptable in a school setting children will benefit from the sensory input the ruler provides. Manufactured from FDA-approved food-grade silicone. Measures 32cmL x 8cmW. Note: not intended as a measuring device.

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  11. Feely Finger Fidget Strips Set of 3
    Feely Finger Fidget Strips Set of 3
    Product Code: 35069
    Price $20.79 $18.90

    Keep fidgety fingers fascinated quietly with our fantastic Feely Fingers Fidgets! These quiet and calming fidgets are made from the softest Chenille fabric. It is highly tactile and soothing to the user. The hook-and-loop backing means it can be easily attached just about anywhere on top of a table or under a desk, in the car or at home. Always available when needed! Comes as a set of 3 each measuring 25cmL x 7cmW. Colour may vary.

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  12. Wooden Tactile Numbers Game 40pcs
    Wooden Tactile Numbers Game 40pcs
    Product Code: 50596
    Price $38.39 $34.90

    The tactile number matching pairs includes 40 wooden discs with engraved numbers from 1-20 for little fingers to trace over. The 1-20 matching pairs are a unique resource made from natural beech wood great for children to develop early numeracy skills including number recognition, counting as well as addition and subtraction. A fun way to introduce numeracy while encouraging children to feel positive and confident while they learn through play. The discs measure 5cm in diameter. Includes a handy drawstring bag.

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  13. Pom Pom Ball 11.5cm
    Pom Pom Ball 11.5cm
    Product Code: 11927
    Price $10.95 $9.95
    Great fidget toy for all ages! Made from latex free, synthetic rubber, they are highly tactile while still light and easy to throw and catch. Great for developing fine and gross motor skills.. perfect for beginners learning to catch and throw. Measures 11.5cm diameter. Learn More
  14. Rain Ball
    Rain Ball
    Product Code: 75330
    Price $21.89 $19.90
    The rain ball arouses curiosity and stimulates children's imagination and senses. Immerse it it water to fill it up and then let it rain. Regulate the rain flow by covering the top nozzle with a finger. The combination of physical manipulation and water can be used as a part of a calming technique. Colours may vary. The rain ball measures 9.5cmH x 8.5cm diameter. Ages 3yrs+. Learn More
  15. Pentatonic Pat Bell Station 5pcs
    Pentatonic Pat Bell Station 5pcs
    Product Code: 30097
    Save 10%
    Regular Price $241.89 Special Price $217.69 $197.90
    The five bells are safely secured on a solid beech stand. Touch the bells for rich and vibrant notes. Because all five bells are in a pentatonic scale they are in complete tonality. The very nature of a pentatonic scale means that regardless of the order in which a child strikes the bells, the sound will always be harmonious – not a wrong note to be heard. As children explore the Pat Bell Station they can record new melodies in their songbook using the colourful stickers promoting an easy and effective visual introduction to music. The songbook also includes pre-made rhythms catered towards young musical learners. Learn More
  16. Harmonic Pat Bells Set 8pcs
    Harmonic Pat Bells Set 8pcs
    Product Code: 30095
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $329.89 Special Price $263.89 $239.90
    Simply tap on the wooden top knobs to create enchanting tones. The bell design not only completely eliminate the double ring effect that might frustrate young learners when playing with standard handbells, but also gives a pleasing auditory experience for children with low muscle tone or delayed motor skill development. These colour-coded bells, each representing one of 8 notes in the C major scale, make it easy for children to follow the songs included or to create their own. The joyful play experience promotes eye-hand co-ordination and self-esteem and fosters musical creativity. Each steel bell is mounted in a high-quality beech wooden stand with a wooden tapping knob on top. Includes 8 bells and 4 large double-sided song cards. Learn More
  17. Sensory Perception Class Set
    Sensory Perception Class Set
    Product Code: 99535
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $212.19 Special Price $169.29 $153.90

    Develop children's sense of discovery, concentration, memory, cognitive and sensory skills with open-ended play. This amazing sensory perception and manipulative play class set includes 2 wooden discovery cubes with black material-covered windows and removable top panels for easy access. Tactile accessories include 5 textured trees (10cm), 5 textured stars (8cm), 12 textured balls(3-6.5cm), 8 mossy stones (5-10cm) and 5 hairy stones (5-10cm), 5 packs of sensory water beads that expand in water creating enlarged spongy non-toxic balls the size of marbles (dry them out to regain their original size) and a 250gm pack of 2-4.5cm glow stones (leave them to charge in the sun). The discovery cubes measure 24.5cm x 29.5cm x 25cm.

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  18. Textured Fuzzy Balls 12pcs
    Textured Fuzzy Balls 12pcs
    Product Code: 35056
    Price $16.45 $14.95

    Fuzzy, textured balls in various sizes to add to your collection of sensory objects. A combination of 3, 4 and 6.5cm diameters.

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  19. Textured Trees 5pcs
    Textured Trees 5pcs
    Product Code: 35051
    Price $13.15 $11.95
    Textured hairy, fuzzy trees to add to a sensory collection. Learn More
  20. Sea Anemone Tactile Balls 20cm x 6pcs
    Sea Anemone Tactile Balls 20cm x 6pcs
    Product Code: 96902
    Price $64.35 $58.50
    These deliciously squishy, soft touch, rubber tactile balls give the most amazing tactile experience. Variety of colours available. Made of rubber. Each Sea Anemone measures 20cm in diameter. Learn More
  21. Sea Anemone Tactile Ball 20cm
    Sea Anemone Tactile Ball 20cm
    Product Code: 11922
    Price $10.73 $9.75
    This deliciously squishy, soft touch feel rubber ball has the most amazing tactile experience. Variety of colours available. Made of rubber. Measures 20cm diameter. Learn More
  22. Mobile Phone
    Mobile Phone
    Product Code: 55013
    Price $20.85 $18.95
    Easy to use, baby's first phone with spinning drum, clicking switch, squeaky numbers, clicking re aerial, revolving happy faceball and a suction base. Learn More
  23. Textured Stars 5pcs
    Textured Stars 5pcs
    Product Code: 35052
    Price $13.15 $11.95
    Hairy, textured star shape to add to a collection of sensory objects. Each star measures aproximately 8cm. Learn More
  24. Hairy Stones 5pcs
    Hairy Stones 5pcs
    Product Code: 35053
    Price $12.05 $10.95
    A great sensory experience. Measure between 6cm and 9cm. Use with the Feely Box. Learn More
  25. Mossy Stones 8pcs
    Mossy Stones 8pcs
    Product Code: 35054
    Price $12.05 $10.95
    These mossy stones feel great and measure 5cm to 10cm. Use with the Feely Box. Learn More

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