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  1. Turtle Arm Puppet
    Turtle Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23238
    Price $43.89 $39.90

    The large plush turtle arm puppet makes her way up the beach to lay her eggs in the same location as she has done for the last 30 years together with her migrating friends.

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  2. Folkmanis Chameleon Arm Puppet
    Folkmanis Chameleon Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23403
    Price $71.39 $64.90

    Eye-catching and fly-catching! The shimmery green chameleon puppet has no need to hide. True to life eyes can be moved independently while its lightning fast tongue darts forth to nab prey. Hand enters from underneath. Features a movable mouth, tongue and eyes. The fabric colour appears different in different lighting conditions. Measures 45cmL.

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  3. Folkmanis T-Rex Arm Puppet
    Folkmanis T-Rex Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23410
    Price $71.39 $64.90

    He's a lean, scaly green eating machine. The giant Tyrannosaurus Rex continues to fascinate young and old alike, retaining his legendary status as king of the dinosaurs. Animate his jaws (of course) and feel the raw power of the mighty 'Rex.

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  4. Crocodile Arm Puppet
    Crocodile Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23240
    Price $43.89 $39.90

    The 'skin' fabric replicates that of a real crocodile, with the scaley patterns and scutes easy to see. This modern day dinosaur is now a large, scary arm puppet. Don't smile at this crocodile!

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  5. Pirate Body Puppet
    Pirate Body Puppet
    Product Code: 23308
    Price $21.95 $19.95
    Puppet measures approximately 35cm in height. Learn More
  6. Clown Body Puppet and Clown Pop-Up Hand Puppet Set
    Clown Body Puppet and Clown Pop-Up Hand Puppet Set
    Product Code: 98218
    Save 35%
    Regular Price $38.50 Special Price $25.03 $22.75
    The pop-up clown puppet measures 26cm in height when fully extended while the clown body puppet is approximately 35cm high. Great detail, great fun. Learn More
  7. Colonial Body Puppets Set of 3
    Colonial Body Puppets Set of 3
    Product Code: 98217
    Save 35%
    Regular Price $59.24 Special Price $38.45 $34.95
    Three body puppets in set representing a period in Australia's colonial history: Ned Kelly, a swagman and a colonial prisoner. Each puppet measures approximately 35cmH. Learn More
  8. Tiger Arm Puppet
    Tiger Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23249
    Price $31.79 $28.90

    Children will learn about endangered animal species through play with this magnificent plush tiger arm puppet. Measures 67cmL.

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  9. Elephant Arm Puppet
    Elephant Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23248
    Price $31.79 $28.90

    Large plush elephant arm puppet measuring 50cmL. The puppeteer can move the elephant's mouth and head. The magnificent and gentle pachyderm remembers eveything!

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  10. Dolphin Arm Puppet
    Dolphin Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23245
    Price $31.79 $28.90

    This beautiful plush dolphin arm puppet is certain to make a splash! It measures 50cm L.

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  11. Kangaroo Arm Puppet
    Kangaroo Arm Puppet
    Product Code: 23243
    Price $31.79 $28.90

    This beautiful and unique plush arm puppet measures 44cmH.

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  12. T-Rex Body Puppet
    T-Rex Body Puppet
    Product Code: 23325
    Price $18.65 $16.95
    Approximately 35cm H. Learn More
  13. Animal Arm Puppets 4pcs set
    Animal Arm Puppets 4pcs set
    Product Code: 98299
    Save 35%
    Regular Price $127.16 Special Price $82.39 $74.90
    Kangaroo, dolphin, elephant and tiger arm puppets measuring between 44cm long and 67cm long. Learn More

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