Marble and Ball Runs

Marble and Ball Runs
Marble run construction requires problem solving skills and develops logical thinking while exploring concepts of velocity, speed, acceleration and gravity. Children will be engaged for hours. Did somebody mention STEM? Buy from Toy Time Direct's stunning range of wooden Quadrilla sets or from our strong plastic sets. Browse now.

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  1. Marble Run 100pcs
    Marble Run 100pcs
    Product Code: 40300
    Price $50.49 $45.90

    An exciting construction set with 100 pieces including 4 chutes, 6 paddle wheels, loads of tracks, columns and much more. Create simple marble runs or more complex structures with the easily assembled plastic pieces. The marbles disappear inside the columns, roll down the tracks and spin through the paddle wheels providing many hours of fun.

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  2. Wooden Marble Track 49pcs
    Wooden Marble Track 49pcs
    Product Code: 40320
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $87.89 Special Price $70.29 $63.90
    Create different obstacles and watch the marbles travel through the pathway you have constructed with this quality wooden marble run. The little architects can follow the recommended set up drawings ordered by level from beginner to master, or build a run anyway they want to! Helps to develop simple problem solving skills through creative and imaginative play. Ages 3yrs+. Learn More
  3. Marble Run 30pcs
    Marble Run 30pcs
    Product Code: 40302
    Price $18.65 $16.95
    Create lots of different marble run constructions with the 30 pieces included. Learn More
  4. Skyrail Suspension with Motor 270pcs
    Skyrail Suspension with Motor 270pcs
    Product Code: 40331
    Price $175.89 $159.90
    This Skyrail system has a motorised elevator which collects, lifts and sets marbles in motion again. Central tower is 60cm high and the suspended track runs approximately 7 metres. The Skyrail System allows the construction of spectacular suspended aerial structures that imitate the technology of famous suspension bridges. Ideal for the demonstrations of physics principals like velocity, acceleration, gravity and friction. Learn More
  5. Quadrilla Whirlpool Set 105pcs
    Quadrilla Whirlpool Set 105pcs
    Product Code: 40326
    Save 21%
    Regular Price $153.89 Special Price $120.89 $109.90
    These wooden marble runs can be constructed in many different ways. Each block has a different function which means the marbles travel on many different routes. Helix spirals are 24cm in diameter. 105 pieces. Learn More
  6. Space Odyssey 298pcs
    Space Odyssey 298pcs
    Product Code: 40304
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $32.89 Special Price $26.29 $23.90
    Space Odyssey is an awesome, out of this world marble run construction set with six metres of wire track to create space runs on multi levels. Suitable for older children 7yrs+. Learn More
  7. Marbulous Marble Run 46pcs
    Marbulous Marble Run 46pcs
    Product Code: 40301
    Price $47.08 $42.80
    This marble run provides an infinite number of assembly combinations. It's fun to make the marbles roll down different tubes, rails, roulette circuit and small modules with scoops which divert the ball from its path. Learn More
  8. Roll-a-Maze 50pcs
    Roll-a-Maze 50pcs
    Product Code: 40306
    Price $35.09 $31.90
    The three different cubic pieces slot together side by side or stack together to form countless models which can now be used as stunning and visually exciting marble runs. Includes 36 cubes and 14 metal marbles. Each cube measures 4cm x 4cm x 4cm. Learn More

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