Bells and Xylophones

Bells and Xylophones
Buy wrist bells, hand bells, spinning bells and some children's xylophones. Shop Toy Time Direct's range now.

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  1. Tubular Bar Xylophone
    Tubular Bar Xylophone
    Product Code: 30109
    Price $54.89 $49.90
    Bright sounding tubular bells in a quality wooden stand. Measures 27cmL x 10cmH x 20cmD. Learn More
  2. Precision Timber Xylophone 12 Keys
    Precision Timber Xylophone 12 Keys
    Product Code: 30099
    Price $263.89 $239.90
    This beautifully crafted wooden xylophone features a compact design yet produces professional quality tones. A special type of timber (padauk) was used for the 12 precision-tuned note bars enabling outstanding resonance and tonal clarity without the need of a bulky resonator box like other wooden xylophones. The keys are tuned in the diatonic scale from C to G. The elegantly designed base is made of high-quality beech with holes at one end to store the wooden mallets. Measures 55cmL x 22cmW x 6cmH. Learn More
  3. Pentatonic Pat Bell Station 5pcs
    Pentatonic Pat Bell Station 5pcs
    Product Code: 30097
    Price $241.89 $219.90
    The five bells are safely secured on a solid beech stand. Touch the bells for rich and vibrant notes. Because all five bells are in a pentatonic scale they are in complete tonality. The very nature of a pentatonic scale means that regardless of the order in which a child strikes the bells, the sound will always be harmonious – not a wrong note to be heard. As children explore the Pat Bell Station they can record new melodies in their songbook using the colourful stickers promoting an easy and effective visual introduction to music. The songbook also includes pre-made rhythms catered towards young musical learners. Learn More
  4. Beech Stand For Harmonic Pat Bells
    Beech Stand For Harmonic Pat Bells
    Product Code: 30096
    Price $175.89 $159.90
    This solid beech display stand prevents the individual pentatonic pat bells from being removed reducing the risk of damage. Measures 69cmL x 18cmW x 11cmH. Learn More
  5. Harmonic Pat Bells Set 8pcs
    Harmonic Pat Bells Set 8pcs
    Product Code: 30095
    Price $329.89 $299.90
    Simply tap on the wooden top knobs to create enchanting tones. The bell design not only completely eliminate the double ring effect that might frustrate young learners when playing with standard handbells, but also gives a pleasing auditory experience for children with low muscle tone or delayed motor skill development. These colour-coded bells, each representing one of 8 notes in the C major scale, make it easy for children to follow the songs included or to create their own. The joyful play experience promotes eye-hand co-ordination and self-esteem and fosters musical creativity. Each steel bell is mounted in a high-quality beech wooden stand with a wooden tapping knob on top. Includes 8 bells and 4 large double-sided song cards. Learn More
  6. Cluster Bells - 7 Bells
    Cluster Bells - 7 Bells
    Product Code: 30016
    Price $10.95 $9.95

    These easy grip cluster hand bells are perfect to encourage group percussion sessions. Fun to use during music and singing activities. Seven bells on each handle.

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  7. Angel Chime Bars
    Angel Chime Bars
    Product Code: 30100
    Price $53.79 $48.90
    Eight beautifully tuned chimes. Use one chime per child and play a song by colours. Beautiful sounds. Comes in storage case. The large chime bar measures 11cmL. Learn More
  8. Desk Bells Set 8pcs
    Desk Bells Set 8pcs
    Product Code: 30090
    Price $65.89 $59.90

    Beautiful design and quality musical desk bells set play different notes when the knob on top is tapped. Very easy to play whilst giving kids a fun introduction to the musical scale. Each bell measures 8cmH.

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  9. Spinning Rainbow Bells
    Spinning Rainbow Bells
    Product Code: 30089
    Price $65.89 $59.90

    This unique instrument rotates on a plastic stand and when the mallet touches the moving bells a wonderful sound of ascending or descending tones is produced depending on whether you spin it clockwise or counter clockwise. You will be transfixed!

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  10. Tuned Bells With Handles 8pcs
    Tuned Bells With Handles 8pcs
    Product Code: 30088
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    Regular Price $54.89 Special Price $27.39 $24.90
    Crisp-toned bells tuned to the key of C. These bells are ideal and a fun activity whilst learning early stages of music appreciation. Each bell varies in colour and is identified by the note labelled on the handle. The note range is C, D, E, F, G, A, B & C. Learn More

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