Sand Wheels, Sieves, Watering Cans and Funnels

Sand Wheels, Sieves, Watering Cans and Funnels
Fill a funnel with sand or water and watch the flow turn the wheels of the double S&W wheel set. Browse now.

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  1. Sand Blob Funnel
    Sand Blob Funnel
    Product Code: 75044
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    Drip sand mixed with water (blob mix) through this specially shaped funnel to make sand blobs. Use with sand moulds and other sand tools as a starting point for your blob embellishments. Build blob walls and shapes. Measures 24cmH. Ages 3yrs+.

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  2. Large Watering Can Green
    Large Watering Can Green
    Product Code: 75303
    Price $10.95 $9.95
    An easy to tote watering can is the perfect prop for budding gardeners. Immerse children in sustainable practices whilst nurturing a love for the natural world. Measures 14.5 H x 21.5 W x 12.5cm D. Made of plastic. Measures 14.5cmH x 21.5cmW x 12.5cmD. Learn More
  3. Watering Pot 11cm
    Watering Pot 11cm
    Product Code: 75301
    Price $6.16 $5.60

    Cute watering pot for first-time gardeners.

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  4. Dantoy Small Watering Can 18cmH
    Dantoy Small Watering Can 18cmH
    Product Code: 75300
    Price $7.65 $6.95
    This watering can is 18cm in height and 10cm wide. Learn More
  5. Sieve and Beaker Set 9pcs
    Sieve and Beaker Set 9pcs
    Product Code: 75069
    Price $21.89 $19.90
    Sieve and beaker set with 9 pieces. Learn More
  6. Sieve with Handles 23cm
    Sieve with Handles 23cm
    Product Code: 75060
    Price $5.45 $4.95
    Durable Dantoy plastic sieve with handles 23 cm wide. Learn More

6 Items

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