Posting, Stacking and Sorting

Posting, Stacking and Sorting
These resources help develop hand eye coordination, shape recognition, fine motor skills and size sequencing.

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  1. Wooden Babushka Santas 5pcs
    Wooden Babushka Santas 5pcs
    Product Code: 20952
    Price $25.19 $22.90
    Five wooden Santas the largest of which measures 14cmH x 6.5cmW. Each of the babushka dolls come with a Santa outline to help the children paint within the lines. Learn More
  2. Shapes Graduation Board 16pcs
    Shapes Graduation Board 16pcs
    Product Code: 66200
    Price $54.89 $49.90
    Learn size, shapes and sequencing with these colourful blocks. The tray has with a rubber foam inset to secure the blocks. Measures 25mL x 25cmW. Learn More
  3. Teatime Shape Sorter
    Teatime Shape Sorter
    Product Code: 35532
    Price $53.79 $48.90
    Can be used as a shape sorter or a teapot. Comes with 4 mini teacups which are colour and shape matched to their respective holes. Enhances manipulation and fine motor skills. Ages 1+. Learn More
  4. Rainbow Stackers 7pcs
    Rainbow Stackers 7pcs
    Product Code: 55400
    Price $23.65 $21.50
    These colourful stackers have a beautiful tactile moulding on top. Sand, water, dough play. The largest measures 9cm diameter. Learn More
  5. Sort, Hide & Match
    Sort, Hide & Match
    Product Code: 66115
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    A wooden shape sorting box with two fabric covered openings so children can put their hands in to find pieces that match without viewing! The box has 5 different shapes cut out of the box; 2 at each side and the circle at the front. There are 10 pieces to post, 2 of each shape. Measures 27cmW x 15cmH x 15cmD.

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  6. Shaped Nuts and Bolts 32pcs
    Shaped Nuts and Bolts 32pcs
    Product Code: 35107
    Price $26.35 $23.95
    Four shaped nuts in four colours with two different diameter threads. Each bolt measures 6cm in length. Stored in a sturdy plastic container. Learn More
  7. Peggy Shape & Count Pegboard Class Set
    Peggy Shape & Count Pegboard Class Set
    Product Code: 35332
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    An intuitive way for children to develop fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition, sequencing and patterning, ordering, counting, stacking and hand-eye co-ordination. Each board has 16 chunky geometric prism pegs; circular, triangular, square and hexagonal in red, blue, yellow and green. They are easy to grasp for little and special needs students hands. Each board measures 18cm x 18cm. This class pack includes six boards, 96 pegs, the Peggy Patterns and Puzzles Book and a spinner all conveniently stored in a clear tub.

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  8. Wiggly Woody Worm
    Wiggly Woody Worm
    Product Code: 35515
    Price $31.46 $28.60
    Cute caterpillar has segments which can be stacked and turned to make it lean in different directions. Learn More

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