Buy dual control training scissors, safety scissors and springback scissors for beginners. Browse our left and right handed scissors and zig zag craft scissors, or buy the soft touch teacher's scissors and the scissor block.

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  1. Safety Scissors

    Safety Scissors

    Product Code: 390380
    Excl. GST: $1.95 Incl. GST: $2.15

  2. Dual Control Scissors

    Dual Control Scissors

    Product Code: 390381
    Excl. GST: $3.95 Incl. GST: $4.35

  3. Springback Scissors

    Springback Scissors

    Product Code: 390382
    Excl. GST: $7.95 Incl. GST: $8.75

  4. Crazy Craft Scissors 6pcs

    Crazy Craft Scissors 6pcs

    Product Code: 390385
    Excl. GST: $9.95 Incl. GST: $10.95

  5. Right-Handed Scissors 12pcs

    Right-Handed Scissors 12pcs

    Product Code: 390390
    Excl. GST: $14.95 Incl. GST: $16.45

  6. Left-Handed Scissors 12pcs

    Left-Handed Scissors 12pcs

    Product Code: 390391
    Excl. GST: $14.95 Incl. GST: $16.45

  7. Teacher Soft Grip Scissors

    Teacher Soft Grip Scissors

    Product Code: 390395
    Excl. GST: $5.95 Incl. GST: $6.55

  8. Wooden Scissors Box

    Wooden Scissors Box

    Product Code: 390399
    Excl. GST: $24.95 Incl. GST: $27.45

8 Item(s)

per page

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